Rev. Kimesha’s speaking engagements are primarily focused on altering the minds of women from self-victimization to self-actualization. Her sessions take them through the steps of “I feel stuck” to “I am creating the life I desire”. 

Rev. Kimesha shows women how to change their world by changing their words. Here are some key ideas she plants within them

    • Letting go is a superpower
    • Only you can create your world
    • Words cast spells
    • Every experience is a teacher
    • Self-accountability keeps you on your throne

Keynote Speaking Topics

    • Self Realization of a Goddess
      The underground roadmap for designing your desired reality. This lecture gives women 13 steps for creating your own reality.
    • The Magic Within Your Womb
      The official blueprint for radical self love was given to every woman via the womb. This lecture helps women make the connection between the creative power of the womb and the mind.
    • Breaking The Spell: Your words create your world.
      How to write and speak your way into an epic life
    • Surviving a Spiritual Apokalypse
      How To Hear From The Divine As You Are Being Transformed. This lecture focuses on facing the turmoil hidden in the darkness and awakening our spiritual gifts.
    • Check Your Mirrors
      How To Use the law of manifestation as a self seeing and self-healing tool. This lecture helps women understand their manifestations and use the knowledge of it to make drastic changes in their life.

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